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Bishop TK

Prophetess, Apostle, Visionary, Philanthropist
Prophetess, Apostle, Visionary, Philanthropist

Bishop TK

A fresh look at the scriptures with joy, revelation, and insight.  Join Bishop TK weekly online for teaching that will impact your faith.  

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Wednesdays    8:00 PM  CST
Fridays             6:00 AM  CST
Sundays           8:00 PM  CST

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Wife, Mother, Author, Servant

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Bishop Kearney has been in the kingdom for decades plowing this holy field for the glory and edification of the kingdom.  Kearney pastored a local church in the Houston area for 20 years before the Lord released her to do apostolic work in the world.  Bishop was tapping into the apostolic during the duration of her pastoral care in Houston covering churches across the globe reaching to Europe and Africa.  

Bishop TK has been passionately driven to edify herself by formal education and spiritual leadership.  Kearney's first exceptional experience in Christ came from the evangelical field with the late great and honorable Arch Bishop Veron Ashe out of California and then having the honor to serve the one and only Most reverend Bishop Iona Earl Locke.

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